Jesse Keith Whitley is the son of two country music legends, Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan. Jesse is country to the core with a rock and roll side. He takes his country roots and adds his rock flare to create a sound all his own. Jesse Keith showcases his natural born talent, strong presence and respect for tradition in everything he does. Performing on stages across America including some of the largest in the industry like the Grand Ole Opry. Jesse's new album will be released in summer 2020 and will include the song "Try to Change My Ways" which is a tribute to his father.


Justin Biltonen blurs the lines between 'what you see is what you get' and 'still waters run deep'. Southern born and bred, Biltonen is a product of broken-in boots and 90s best. Justin is known for being the bassist for 3 Doors Down, but is now making a name with his solo country career.


Josh Gallagher might be a familiar face, he finished 4th on Seson 11 of The Voice. Josh's live show is known to be electric and exciting with a rock style performance of country music. Josh tours the US with his band and continues to take venues and fans by storm.


Hannah Anders is an artist that you become a fan of right away! She takes Grandpa's front porch classics and updates them to be your daughters anthems. Performing shows coast to coast and even abroad, Hannah's music is getting noticed. She has won many awards and even wrote the theme song for Dodge Ram's new as campaign. Hannah is ready to take on new venues, gain new fans and take the country music world by storm.


Ricky Duran garnered international attention with his soulful vocals, fiery guitar playing and compelling performances on NBC’s The Voice. The Season 17 Runner-Up has since released a single charting at No. 1 on iTunes and sold out shows, showing himself to be more than a fleeting show success - he retained fans and amassed more. He is an irrefutable talent and electrifying entertainer making music for the soul. His vulnerable songwriting and ability to capture an audience on and off stage transcends trends, while his musical abilities and influences spanning genres shows his music knows no bounds - he is timeless and a genuine creative that no label can penetrate.


Taylor Austin Dye is a singer/songwriter from the hills of Eastern KY. Now based in Nashville, Taylor is showing the country music world what a KY girl can do. Taylor combines Southern Rock and Classic Country in her singles "Mean" and "Salt". You can catch Taylor playing in Nashville or out on the road touring.


Thomas Mac is an up and coming singer/songwriter originally from Dayton Ohio now living in Nashville TN. His latest album is creating buzz througout the country music world. With over 1 million Tiktok followers Thomas's fanbase is growing rapidly. Thomas has graced stages throughout the heart of american and has even gotten to stand in the most iconic circle in music at the Grand Ole Opry.


20 year old Dariann Leigh, comes from a small town in MN. True to her roots, she gives it her all in everything on and off stage. Her personality shines through every performance. She covers a wide variety of country pop and traditional country along with her original music.


Chelsey James is a force, unwilling to step aside or be overlooked. Redefining the norm for women in country, she’s unapologetically bold in her songwriting and performing, and won’t take no for an answer when it comes to defining her worth as a female artist. With no more room to hold back, she’s rising to the occasion of serving as a prime example of strength and badassery while staying true to the impressive musicality she’s known for. Her signature country sound is laced with a rock edge supported by her powerhouse vocals. 


Josh Christina is a one of a kind singer/songwriter/pianist from Maryland. Josh combines the style of Elvis, Elton John, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis. He is trying to bring new life to "old school" music.


Shari Rowe, from AZ, has a reputationof capturing simplistic beauty, crafting each lyric and melody with truth, sincerity and artistic integrity. On stage, Shari is nothing short of enchanting but her ability to translate that same intangible star power into her recordings that sets her apart.


A soul shaking vocalist with a sound
all her own, one that takes you back to those notable women in rock'n'roll like
Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt and Ann Wilson. Natalie was on season 15 of The Voice on team Adam, she caught his eye with her powerful performance of “Barracuda”. Natalie Brady & The Nite Owls are making their presence 
known. Every show, every song. Each one a testament to the roots, rock and soul it took to get on the road to here with so much left ahead along the journey to the top. 


There are artists who perform, but Ashlie Amber astonishes. Effortlessly injecting country music with unapologetically vivid bravado she’s shattering derivatives and demolishing partitions. Praised by Sounds like Nashville as one of 2021’s artists to watch Ashlie Amber is an enigma to some but magnetic to all. Ashlie performs an amazing country show as well as a spectacular Whitney tribute show. 


The South Carolina native relocated to Nashville with a vintage mindset, revolving around 3 chords and the truth. For Presley, it all comes down to playing music—no matter the venue or how many people are standing in the crowd.

"I Wanna Know" personifies Aaron's ability to expertly simplify the moments in life that so many of us tend to overcomplicate. In roughly 3 minutes, he tells you exactly who he is and what really matters to him. No matter the era, country music at its core tells it like it is, and despite being in the early stages of what will ultimately become his lifelong career, it's a concept that Presley Aaron has already grasped.


Country singer-songwriter Murphy Elmore with hits like “Whoever Broke Your Heart” and “Drop Dead Dangerous”


You might know this up coming artists parents, Urban Cowboy's Johnny Lee and Dallas's Charlene Tilton. Cherish is working on making her own name in country music with her modern pop songs that have a country flare.